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Ever since we became a new lodge, we have decided that this was a great time for a refresh in a lot of things, including record keeping. In order to keep our massive lodge in order, we have decided to use the software built by the National Council of the Order of the Arrow called Lodgemaster. However, since our records are coming from a variety of sources and none of them are complete, we need to correct and expand our records. This is where you come in.

Everyone who we have an email address for has¬†received an email with a link to their personal OA Records. We ask that you correct any wrong information and fill in any missing spots that you know. Once you finish, you can either turn in the document here or email it to our webmaster at webmaster@takhonek.org. If we don’t have an email address for you, you will not get this. However, you can request that yours be sent to you by contacting¬†webmaster@takhonek.org. Thank you for your cooperation in making our lodge better and more organized.

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  1. ordeal 7-1-82 at camp Roland in Hytone Lodge , brotherhood 9-28-91 at camp minter in Hytone Lodge , Vigil Honor 10-2-99 at Camp Chief Logan in Chi – Hoota – Wei Lodge

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