Spring Fellowship registration is live!

Spring Fellowship

Spring fellowship is only a few short weeks away, on April 17-19 at Camp Arrowhead. If you register online, over the phone, or at the scout service centers by April 15th, the cost will be $15 (note that you can pay at the event). After the 15th, the price will increase to $20.

Join us at Spring Fellowship for a weekend of fun and games, plus help us make sure the camp is ready for Conclave the following month. Want to know more about what’s going on? Click here for a full schedule and here for the lodge meeting schedule

Click here to register online.

3 thoughts on “Spring Fellowship registration is live!

  1. I am helping Debbie Slack with registration and the trading post.
    We do not know the cost for the weekend.

    1. Michael Bledsoe told me that he spoke with Jonathan Stevens. He said the cost for the weekend is $15 if you register by Wednesday, payable at the event.

  2. will there be a ordeal at the spring fellowship at camp arrowhead i contacted the oa office last week and they said they were having a meeting to decide on having a ordeal at hte spring fellowship or not our troop went to arrowhead for summer camp and was part of the ones tapped out that feel through the cracks i emailed and called the oa office through out july and aug. as well as the scout shop in huntington wv but was but the oa office never returned calls or emails finally in sept. while at the scout shop we found out there was a aug ordeal we could of went to i was off in aug could of took them easy but next one is oct thats 4 hours away i’m going to be out of town working that weekend the wife is girl scout leader has already planned a girlscout camp out the other parents also work that weekend when i called last week finally got someone thats when they said they had alot of people complianing about not being contacted we still havent been contacted about the oct ordeal thats when e said they may do an ordeal in spring when he got tapped out at arrowhead they said they didnt have the handouts but took everyones info and said they would contact us but never did please let me know something as soon as possible one way or anouther so we can try to work out our schedule

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