Spring Fellowship 2018 Information

We are looking forward to your attendance this weekend at our Spring Fellowship. Please find this weekend’s schedule, campsite assignments, and additional information below regarding items to bring for ordeal and for service projects. We are looking forward to a great weekend!


General Information

Registration will begin at 6PM. Please do not arrive prior to this time. Summer Camp platform tents and cots will be provided. These may be picked up for you to pitch upon check-in prior to reporting to your Chapter’s campsite. Please speak with the registration desk if you have special needs including food allergies or require a CPAP at night. You will also need to bring your Class A (field uniform) for wear on Saturday night. It is not necessary to wear this until then. Please be prepared for work projects on Saturday with appropriate clothing.


For those completing their Brotherhood, please speak with Kevin Nicholas or George Soltis before lunch on Saturday. You can visit any of the kitchen crew members or registration staff that can direct you to the appropriate individual.


Additionally, each Chapter Chief will be appointing two youth to attend the Vigil Selection meeting. If you have been appointed by your Chapter Chief please attend the scheduled meeting on Saturday. If anyone has additional Vigil Nomination forms to turn in, please do so ASAP or bring to Spring Fellowship and have them turned in before lunch.


Work Projects

  1. Clean up fallen trees, stack/split firewood. Clear any limbs or brush that interferes with roadways and trails.
  2. Clean off Platforms and erect tents at each clean, serviceable platform
  3. Repair platforms as needed
  4. Clean Program Areas, Deep Clean Dining Hall
  5. Pressure wash benches from the campfire circle at Meacham. Pressure wash back porch of Meacham as well as side walkway.
  6. Inspection and spot repair the areas in Cub World that need expertise and attention. Material for this is available onsite.

Items to Bring for Work Projects if able

Chainsaw with fuel (only permitted to operate if certified)

Chainsaw chaps, safety glasses, helmet

Paint brushes and rollers

Pressure Washer with fuel and 100’ of water supply hose

Work Gloves and Long Sleeve shirt if helping with timber projects

Pruning shears, bow saws and hand shears

Brooms and or leaf blowers to clean off the platforms before tents are set.


Items to Bring for Ordeal Candidates

Ordeal candidates should expect to stay the first night out with other candidates. On Saturday night, they will be staying in tents with the remainder of the lodge members. Please bring general camping gear for Saturday night. Tents and cots will be provided. You will be required to wear your uniform on Saturday night at dinner and thereafter, but it is not suggested for wear on Friday. On Friday night, candidates should have a change of clothes for Saturday morning, a sleeping bag, tarp, water bottle, necessary medications (inhalers, epi pens, etc) and health form (physician section not required). Items prohibited for your first night are flashlights, lighters, phones, cameras, watches, and other items you may think you need.  

Click here for the schedule and campsite assignments.

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