Congratulations!  You have been elected by the youth members in your unit to join the Order of the Arrow.  Being elected is only the first step, but one you should consider an honor.

To become an official member in the Order of the Arrow you must complete what we call an Ordeal. First, you need to register for an Ordeal Weekend. This year the Takhonek Lodge will offer three Ordeal Weekends. The first Ordeal will be at Camp Chief Logan Chapmanville, WV on April 3-5, the second will be at Camp Kootaga Walker WV, outside of Parkersburg WV, June 12-14, and the third will be at Camp Roland Bastian VA, on October 9-11. To register for these fellowships you can go to www.takhonek.org/registration. The cost for your Ordeal Weekend is $50. This includes membership dues for two years, and items you will receive after you complete your Ordeal, including a sash, book, ribbon device, and Order of the Arrow lodge flaps.

Items you will need to bring on the first night of your ordeal are a change of clothes, sleeping bag, tarp, water bottle, and health form. Your field uniform (Class A) will also be required for this weekend.

On your second night need your regular camping supplies such as tent, flashlight, etc.

Items prohibited for your first night are flashlights, lighters, phones, cameras, watches, and other items you may think you need other than those listed above. Please be prepared to stay until 11 am on the Sunday’s of these events.