Officers and Advisers

Youth Leadership

Position Name Email
Chief Jack Monks
Vice Chief of Administration Ethan Grose
Vice Chief of Program Charles Boston
Secretary Brandon Lockard
Immediate Past Chief Dylan Bess
American Indian Activities Chairman
Elangomat Chairman Jarren Cook
Service Chairman Will Dudley
Recruitment and Retention Chairman Danial Cook
Registraion Chairman Jacob Fedele
Communications Chairman
Finance Chairman Hatcher Anderson
Vigil Selection Chairman Clayton Comer
Food Services Nolan Duncan
Memorabilia Chairman
NOAC Contingent youth leader
Chapter Chiefs
Adena Chapter Chief Travis Stambaugh
Adjudimo Chapter Chief Noah Estep
Hytone Chapter Chief Andrew Davis
Kootaga Chapter Chief
Seneca Chapter Chief Brodie Simpson
Wapita Chapter Chief Aiden Bernard


Adult Leadership

Position Name Email
Staff Adviser Billy Bryant
Adviser George Soltis
Associate Adviser Administration Sam Brown
Associate Adviser Program Justin Bess
Associate Adviser Secretarial/Special Projects
American Indian Activities Adviser Steve Hardman
Elangomat Adviser Jim Phares
Service Adviser Jon Dudley
Recruitment and Retention Adviser Steve Young
Registraion Adviser Debbie Slack
Communications Adviser Nathan Brandt
Finance Adviser David Rainey
Vigil Selection Adviser
Food Services George Soltis
Memorabilia Adviser Marcus Bailey
Adena Chapter Adviser Jon Keelin
Adjudimo Chapter Adviser Matt Dawson
Hytone Chapter Adviser Ed Evans
Kootaga Chapter Adviser Jay Wilson
Seneca Chapter Adviser Kim Bennett
Wapiti Chapter Adviser David Duncan
Conclave Adviser Marcus Bailey
Lodge Master Terry Fulks
Webmaster Isaac Nicholas
NOAC Contingent Leader Ed Evans
Lodge Leadership Developement Carol McCarthy



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