Officers and Advisers

Youth Leadership

Position Name Email
Vice Chief of AdministrationClayton
Vice Chief of ProgramSamuel
American Indian Activities ChairmanVacant
Elangomat ChairmanJarren
Service ChairmanEthan
Recruitment and Retention ChairmanDaniel
Registraion ChairmanJakob
Communications ChairmanNathan
Finance ChairmanHatcher
Vigil Selection ChairmanClayton
Food ServicesVacant
Memorabilia ChairmanZack
Adena Chapter ChiefVacant
Adjudimo Chapter ChiefJarod
Hytone Chapter ChiefJacob
Kootaga Chapter ChiefMickey
Seneca Chapter ChiefJohn
Shawnee Chapter ChiefVacant
Conclave ChairmanWill

Adult Leadership

Staff AdviserDavid
Associate Adviser AdministrationGeorge
Associate Adviser ProgramJustin
Associate Adviser Secretarial/Special ProjectsShawn
American Indian Activities AdviserVacant
Elangomat AdviserSam
Service AdviserMatt
Recruitment and Retention AdviserSteve
Registraion AdviserDebbie
Communications AdviserCarol
Finance AdviserDavid
Vigil Selection AdviserVacant
Food ServicesVacant
Memorabilia AdviserMarcus
Adena Chapter AdviserJon
Adjudimo Chapter AdviserJustin
Hytone Chapter AdviserDan
Kootaga Chapter AdviserJay
Seneca Chapter AdviserEddie
Shawnee Chapter AdviserVacant
Conclave AdviserJon Dudley
Lodge MasterTerry

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