Introducing the ICE & AIA Patch Program

The Takhonek Lodge Executive Committee has developed an AIA & ICE Award Program to encourage more involvement with in the Lodge and will be administered by the Lodge AIA committee. This award can be earned by any youth or adult Arrowmen for the efforts in American Indian Activities and Ceremonies and Inductions within Takhonek Lodge. There are four separate awards with this program, depending upon interest with in the AIA & ICE programs.

Any dues paid Takhonek Lodge member can purchase one AIA and ICE Takhonek Lodge Flap, if they do not attend the AIA & ICE weekend at a price to be determined by the Lodge Memorabilia Committee and approved by the Lodge Key 3. However if you attend any of the Takhonek AIA & ICE weekends you will be able to purchase up to four additional flaps at that time only, in addition to the one in which you receive at the event.

The temporary patches for these awards must be earned with the exception, that some will be placed in the silent auction at the Takhonek Lodge Winter Banquet. These awards will be given out at the Takhonek Winter Banquet. Those earning the award or awards will then have the option of purchasing one additional temporary patch from the award or awards earned. This has been decided in order for the award to keep its merit, and given to only those who have participated in the award program. The design of the temporary patch will be approved by the Lodge Executive Committee and the price shall be set by the Lodge Memorabilia Committee and Lodge Key 3.

One of the key requirements to earn these awards is to attend any of the offered AIA & ICE weekends that are offered by Takhonek Lodge. All Requirements must be signed off by a Takhonek Lodge Adviser, Lodge Associate Adviser, Lodge AIA & ICE Adviser, or Chapter Adviser unless otherwise stated in the requirements. The requirements are as follows and reset at the annual Winter Banquet, meaning that completed requirements do not carry over to the next year.

Click Here to download the requirements and checksheet.

One thought on “Introducing the ICE & AIA Patch Program

  1. I have been working on my Old Style Souix looking outfit & found enough of my father’s old stuff that there’s probably enough for two more suits of clothes, + a Ladies. Is there anyone Near South Charleston here that could help me until I get my rotator cuff surgery? Right now I’m like a one-armed man. And later I’ll be looking for as many as we can, for a whole group interested in going to any pow wows, *especially if there are any close enough to attend as a day trip?
    I’m looking for someone good at beadwork to help me work on my breast plate & two old Chokers in need of a tune-up. 🙂
    I have not been able to go for a big 3-day deal like our friend David Groscup & David Burns now in Roanoke Lodge 161, one of the famous Wachu dancers from National OA Conference fame, back in 1975 & 1977.
    Over the Summer they attended the National Pow-Wow and over Labor Day, they went to the (almost as big) one in Tipton Indiana.
    Bud aka Tuney

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