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Every Chapter has their own webpage they are solely in control over. Even though you can use this for whatever you want, it is recommended that you put static information (Chapter officers, meeting dates and locations, upcoming events). Remember that you also have access to the Blog for more time-relevant materials. (It is fine to post whatever you want, I don't care if you copy and paste your blog articles into your webpage, just remember that is is more buried and less likely to be found). All changes need to be approved, so it won't show immediately.

Log In

In order to log in, either go to takhonek.org/wp-login.php, or choose log in on the right sidebar on any page of the main site (this doesn't include this section or any other special sections).

Log in wp.png

From there, use your chapter name and password to log in to the site. After logging in, you are presented with our Dashboard (If you are already logged in, you can go to the dashboard by clicking on Takhonek Lodge next to the "W" on the grey bat on the top of the page.)

Editing your webpage

Once on the dashboard, go to the "Pages" section.


There, you will find a list of all the pages on our website. Find the page that you want to edit and click on the name.

There you will have access to edit your page. Below the name, there is a large box where you can edit your page.

After finishing your edit, go to the right side of the page and click on the blue button "submit revision". This will submit your page for revision by an admin before it gets approved.

Submit revision.png

Need more help, or want to do more advanced features? Check out the guide made by Wordpress.