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The Lodge uses a service called cel.ly for our group messages. It allows poling, scheduling, users to join on their own will, and a few other features. However this way is a little complicated to set up. The easiest and fastest way to set up a group messaging service is with an app.

Using An App

These apps are free and allow to to create a group and send messages to it from your phone. Listed below are both an android and an iOS app with similar capabilities. I can't vouch for the iOS app, but I have used the Android app with success. If these apps don't work for you, be aware that there are a bunch of apps that do this, I just selected a few.

Using cel.ly

f you would rather use cel.ly, here are some guides on how to use it. This guide will give you instructions on how to set it up through your phone via SMS. You can also just go to cel.ly and create a new account. They also have apps.