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OwnCloud is a dropbox like service hosted on our site. In essence, it is a cloud file locker. You can upload whatever (as long as it's smaller than 64MB) and access it everywhere or share it as a link. However, one of the more useful features is the "public upload" feature. This allows all people to upload files to a folder. For example, you could create a patch designing contest and have people upload the artwork to the page. Or if you host an event and after,if people take pictures, they could upload them to a certain place.

Owncloud Basics

Logging In

To log in, go to takhonek.org/owncloud. Log in, using the default username and password for your chapter (You can change your password, just realize this is independent of your email and google account). Log in.png

Uploading Files

To upload a file, press the upload button Upload button.png at the top of the page and then find the file you want.

Create Folders

To create a folder, press the new button New.png, located next to the upload button. From There, click Folder. After clicking, folder, type in the name that you want.

Changing name

To Change The Name Of a file, hover over that file and then click the pencil beside it.



While this service can be used like any other file locker, the real reason I installed it is because of file sharing. For example, you could post a filer to your storeage and then link it on a Facebook page. Or, using the example above, let's say you have a patch designing contest. You can have people visit that folder and then go to an external form to pick a winning design.

Share files and folders

In order to share a file or folder, click the share button on the same line as the file you want to share


From There, click the share link button. After that, a box will appear with a link that you can copy. Plus, you will get the options to add a password or an expiration date. You can also add an email address to share. that link with.

Share Window.png

Setting Up Public Upload

When following the instructions above for a folder, another checkmark appears, the "Allow Public Upload" button. Click This and you're set.

Public Upload.png