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Hello, and welcome to the admin help site for Takhonek Lodge. Here is all the help you need to control of the tools that we use, including the website, Lodgemaster, and numerous other guides.

Make sure everything you do follows the official Order Of The Arrow Guidelines and if you have any questions, email me at


This is the system we use to manage and edit the website. Each chapter can edit their page or create a blog on the home page. Read the instructions below for more info.


  • Instructions for creating a blog post on our front page


  • Instructions for editing your webpage


Lodgemaster is the service that the lodge uses to manage events, arrowmen and more.


Lodgemaster Help



  • This is a simple guide with a few texting groups options

Facebook Groups

  • External Link To Facebook for guide


  • A Dropbox-like Service hosted on our site


  • A guide to our email service and how to set it up on an email client