Help Needed at Summer Camps!

Hello Brothers!

My name is Mitch Mullins, and I have the privilege of serving as you Chairman of American Indian Activities Committee for this year, which covers our Lodge Dance Team, Drum Team, and Ceremonies Team.

I am looking for volunteers for our Lodge Callout Ceremonies at the various Summer Camps in the coming weeks. It is not a strenuous commitment, but we do need Arrowman to commit to this very important part of our Lodge’s Public Image.

So here is the Rundown:

Lodge Callout Ceremonies
All Council Summer Camps
How does it Work:
We need Arrowmen, both Youth and Adult, to help put on our Callout Ceremonies. We will be calling out all eligible Candidates from the Council for Induction to the Order of the Arrow. We will need Youth Ceremonialists, Youth Drummers, as well as Youth Dancers, and Adults and Youth to help set up. We will also need someone to help serve as OA Coordinator at each Camp. This person will be the coordinator of the Callout Prep and Ceremony at that Camp. I will be serving as the OA Coordinator for Camp Arrowhead this year.

If you are interested in helping out at any or all of the Summer Camps this year in any of these positions, please contact me at

Thank you very much!

If you ever have any questions about our Lodge’s AIA Program please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer it!

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