Fall Fellowship Information


This coming weekend October 5-7,2018 is Fall Fellowship at Camp Chief Logan. This will be the last opportunity for our Ordeal members to Complete their Brotherhood in 2018. You can see the schedule here.

If you have been an Ordeal member for 10 months or longer we encourage you to attend this event and complete your Brotherhood.

At Fall Fellowship we will have other members there that will help you with the challenges of obtaining Brotherhood.

So, why take the next step? Think back to your Ordeal and remember the Obligation you said, you were chosen by your Troops to become an OA member. It is up to you to take that next step and seal your membership.

For those of you that have obtained the honor of Brotherhood reach out to those in your Troops.Talk with them why you took that next step. It is up to us to be that Brother to those who need us!

You can register online here or call the Council office at 304-340-3663.



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