For information Regarding Hytone chapter please contact

Chapter Advisor Ed Evans

  • eevans@takhonek.org

Chapter Chief Andrew Davis

  • adavis@takhonek.org

Chapters meetings are held on the third thursday of every month at 6:30, right before the district meeting, at Stinson United Methodist Church (Across from Chick-fil-a) in Princeton Wv.

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2 thoughts on “Hytone

    1. Hytone Lodge 416 is the lodge that was associated with the old Appalachian Council. Most of that Council is part of the Mountain Dominion District. The youth in the district adopted the old Lodge Name. So how is it pronounced? “hi tone.” What does it mean? There are no original member of the lodge from 1956 left. In fact there are only a handful of Hytone Lodge members at all. That said, The wolf is a special tribal symbol of several tribes. There are many wolf clans with in those tribes. I was always told from the older members of the lodge that Hytone was adopted due to Wolf Creek at Camp Roland, and it means, “The Place of the Wolf.”

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