All members of the Lodge may participate in this incentive program. Beads are presented for participation in each of the Lodge’s events, as well as for holding various leadership positions and attendance at Section, Regional, and National Events. Its purpose is to recognize active Arrowman and to help Arrowmen chronicle their Lodge participation.

The beads are worn on a necklace of brown leather lace. Founder’s Award recipients are to wear a necklace of red  cord. A deer antler toggle is to be worn on the necklace, denoting the arrowman’s honor level. Ordeal members wear a deer antler section with the hole drilled through the center of the base. Brotherhood members wear a piece of the antler shaft with the hole drilled through the side of the antler shaft. Vigil Honor members wear an antler tip with the hole drilled in the same manner as the Brotherhood piece. Beads earned for the current calendar year are placed on the necklace below the antler toggle and those earned in previous calendar years are worn above the antler toggle.

The lodge is to provide each arrowman with one necklace of appropriate color and antler toggle in the appropriate shape. New Ordeal members will receive their items at the completion of their Ordeal Ceremony. The administration of the Lodge Bead Program will be the responsibility of the Lodge Recruitment and Retention Committee. Should any lodge member earn a bead, they may contact the Chairman or Adviser of the Recruitment and Retention Committee to receive such. Should any further bead types or colors need to be added (tba) to the list provided for special events or new positions and awards, it must first be approved by the Lodge Executive Committee.

The following is a list of the official bead type and colors, refer also to the bead chart:

Event or Position Bead Color Bead Type
Lodge Officer/Adviser orange glass crow
Chapter Officer/Adviser orange glass crow
Lodge Committee Chairman/Adviser orange glass crow
Lodge Chapter Events light blue glass crow
LLD Weekend/Seminar turqouise striated wood round
Spring Fellowship Participant green glass crow
Conclave Delegate purple wood round
NOAC Delegate/Staff red glass round
ICE/AIA Team Participant black white  glass rattlesnake
NLS/NLATS Participant/Staff white blue stripe antique glass French cross
Vigil Weekend Participant Blue white red antique glass blue chevron
ICE/AIA Weekend/Seminar Participant brick red striped glass crow
Fall Fellowship Participant amber glass crow
ALTC Delegate dark blue  glass crow
Winter Banquet Attendee beige/ivory glass round
Founder’s Award Recipient brass solid brass round
Service Corps Program tba tba
National Program of Interest tba tba