Summit Service Update

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As you may have heard, this Spring, the council has the opportunity to have our Spring Camporee at The Summit Bechtel Reserve. The council has asked us to help make sure the weekend is running smoothly for the 500-1,000 scouts we are expecting. This includes helping in the following areas: Troop Guides: these people will […]

Help Needed at Summer Camps!

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Hello Brothers! My name is Mitch Mullins, and I have the privilege of serving as you Chairman of American Indian Activities Committee for this year, which covers our Lodge Dance Team, Drum Team, and Ceremonies Team. I am looking for volunteers for our Lodge Callout Ceremonies at the various Summer Camps in the coming weeks. […]

Introducing our NOAC Legacy Lid

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At the last NOAC, each lodge was given a challenge to help the Order of the Arrow in their Legacy Project. This included a Lodge Rock and History Book. Another thing that was asked is that each lodge was given a crate. Each Lodge was supposed to fill that crate with kiln-dried wood from their […]