Summit Service Update

As you may have heard, this Spring, the council has the opportunity to have our Spring Camporee at The Summit Bechtel Reserve. The council has asked us to help make sure the weekend is running smoothly for the 500-1,000 scouts we are expecting. This includes helping in the following areas:

  • Troop Guides: these people will take a troop to their campsite and help them settle in.
  • Parking Attendant: as the name implies, you will help people park their car as no cars are allowed in their campsite.
  • Saturday AM and PM roving staff. These people will help run activities and programs on Saturday. In order to make sure you are able to enjoy the weekend and everything The Summit has to offer, we have split this activity into two groups so you still will have have half a day to roam around the summit (though you are allowed to sign up for both).

All those that volunteer will get a free t shirt and patch for your service.

If you want to sign up to help us, please sign up on our form at

If you have any questions, please email

Hope to see you there!

Join Us At The Summit For Spring Camporee

Summit Camporee Flyer 1

Coming at the end of April will be a massive camporee like no other. We will be taking over The Summit and all of its high adventure opportunities, such as Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, Skateboarding, and Mountain Biking. Plus we’ll be having STEM programming, the sustainability treehouse, boating, and more! This activity is open to all Boy Scouts, not just our council, but unfortunately, WEBELOS and Cub Scouts are not.

We will be having Service Corps Opportunities for our Lodge. Sign up here.

Online Registration for Troops coming soon.

Updating Lodgemaster

Upload files
Ever since we became a new lodge, we have decided that this was a great time for a refresh in a lot of things, including record keeping. In order to keep our massive lodge in order, we have decided to use the software built by the National Council of the Order of the Arrow called Lodgemaster. However, since our records are coming from a variety of sources and none of them are complete, we need to correct and expand our records. This is where you come in.

Everyone who we have an email address for has received an email with a link to their personal OA Records. We ask that you correct any wrong information and fill in any missing spots that you know. Once you finish, you can either turn in the document here or email it to our webmaster at If we don’t have an email address for you, you will not get this. However, you can request that yours be sent to you by contacting Thank you for your cooperation in making our lodge better and more organized.

Help Needed at Summer Camps!

Hello Brothers!

My name is Mitch Mullins, and I have the privilege of serving as you Chairman of American Indian Activities Committee for this year, which covers our Lodge Dance Team, Drum Team, and Ceremonies Team.

I am looking for volunteers for our Lodge Callout Ceremonies at the various Summer Camps in the coming weeks. It is not a strenuous commitment, but we do need Arrowman to commit to this very important part of our Lodge’s Public Image.

So here is the Rundown:

Lodge Callout Ceremonies
All Council Summer Camps
How does it Work:
We need Arrowmen, both Youth and Adult, to help put on our Callout Ceremonies. We will be calling out all eligible Candidates from the Council for Induction to the Order of the Arrow. We will need Youth Ceremonialists, Youth Drummers, as well as Youth Dancers, and Adults and Youth to help set up. We will also need someone to help serve as OA Coordinator at each Camp. This person will be the coordinator of the Callout Prep and Ceremony at that Camp. I will be serving as the OA Coordinator for Camp Arrowhead this year.

If you are interested in helping out at any or all of the Summer Camps this year in any of these positions, please contact me at

Thank you very much!

If you ever have any questions about our Lodge’s AIA Program please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer it!

Introducing our NOAC Legacy Lid

At the last NOAC, each lodge was given a challenge to help the Order of the Arrow in their Legacy Project. This included a Lodge Rock and History Book. Another thing that was asked is that each lodge was given a crate. Each Lodge was supposed to fill that crate with kiln-dried wood from their area for a fire at this NOAC. We were also asked to paint the lid in a design to represent our lodge’s legacy. With that in mind, we present the new Takhonek Lodge Legacy Lid.


Want to look at other lodges? Click Here!

Conclave Pre-Registration ends in a week!

On May 1st, the price to attend Conclave rises $7 from $38 to $45, so there’s not much time left to get the discount pricing. But, maybe you are wondering why you would want to register. Besides helping out your lodge, we have a massive list of people and activities, such as…

  • WV DNR Shooting Trailer
  • WV DNR Bear Traps/Marine Biologist
  • WV Army National Guard
  • US Coast Guard
  • Summit Bechtel Reserve
  • Forestry Service
  • Air Force Star Base
  • Heritage Farm Museum
  • Scouting Museum
  • Congressman Evan Jenkins
  • Evans Educational Science
  • Barboursville Fire Dept.
  • Cabell Co. Sheriff Dept.
  • Dyer Outdoor
  • Robotics Team
  • Climbing Tower
  • Shooting Sports
  • Swimming/Boating
  • Indian Village
  • AIA/Ceremony Competitions
  • Open Training
  • Saturday Night Party

and these are just the list of confirmed; we are adding new activities and events every day. So, why would you want to miss this?

Conclave will be May 15-17 at Camp Arrowhead, and as you can tell by the list above, we have put a lot of work into it to make this an event worthy of being called the 100th anniversary Conclave. Furthermore, if you want the special sash patch, coming to Conclave makes earning it a lot easier.

You only have a week to register to get the early discount, so sign up by going here.

Thank You for A Great Spring Fellowship

The LEC would like to thank everyone for a fun and productive Spring Fellowship (photo gallery here, if you want to relive it). We were able to get a lot of both administrative tasks for the new lodge done and prepare the camp for Conclave, which is only a month away (speaking of Conclave, early registration ends in 10 days, so be sure to register by then here).

With your help, we were able to get a decent chunk of the dance arbor built, the ceremony circle repainted and cleaned, tents put up and campsites prepared, and plan out the logistics of Conclave (this page will still be here, register now).

With that in mind, however, we decided that our next work day, on May 9th, will not be enough to finish everything needed to make the camp ready for Conclave(have you registered yet? Here’s your chance). We will announce soon when we are planning to have another day of service for Arrowhead.

On the lodge side of things, we were able to elect a new lodge secretary, Zach DeHart. Give him a warm welcome. We also completed and approved our new lodge bylaws (which are available here and on paper, per request).

Once again, we want to thank you for a fun time full of service. We hope to see you in the coming weeks at our work days and at Conclave (which, by the way, you can register online for).


Yours in Brotherhood,

The Lodge Executive Committee

P.S. Have you registered for Conclave yet?

Spring Fellowship registration is live!

Spring Fellowship

Spring fellowship is only a few short weeks away, on April 17-19 at Camp Arrowhead. If you register online, over the phone, or at the scout service centers by April 15th, the cost will be $15 (note that you can pay at the event). After the 15th, the price will increase to $20.

Join us at Spring Fellowship for a weekend of fun and games, plus help us make sure the camp is ready for Conclave the following month. Want to know more about what’s going on? Click here for a full schedule and here for the lodge meeting schedule

Click here to register online.

Conclave Work Weekend #1 is this weekend!

As we prepare for conclave, we need to make sure that Camp Arrowhead is in top shape. This will be especially difficult considering the recent flooding that the camp (like the rest of the state) experienced. The picture below has more information including a schedule, projects, and sleeping arrangements. Want it in a pdf? Click here.

Takhonek work weekend_Page_1